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Swap & Shop

New and Used Equipment, Locally Bred Fish for sale

Stay tuned for the next event coming this fall!

Table Rental

  • You must rent a table in order to sell your goods.

  • Table fees can be split between people

  • Only aquarium related items and fish can be sold at the swap and shop.

  • No Refunds on tables.

Event Times

The Swap & Shop will happen rain or shine!

Tables will be available at 9 am on the date of the event.

The Swap & Shop hours will be 10:00am to 6:00 pm


  • No drugs or alcohol allowed at the event

  • Only aquarium hobby related items and fish can be sold at the swap and shop.

  • Anything not sold during the event must be removed from site once the event is over.

  • Please clean up after yourselves! There is a dumpster provided to dispose of any unwanted trash and items.

  • Infinite Aquatics will not buy any unsold equipment or fish from vendors during this event.

Swap and Shop goals and ideas

Infinite Aquatics hopes to host this event at least twice a year, once in the spring, and once in the fall.

If we have enough support and turnout and demand, we are open to the idea of hosting it more often.

We are playing with the idea of a lower table fee and a percentage of your sales to go to Infinite Aquatics for hosting future events.

We are discussing ideas around providing tanks and water for your fish, or even providing the water for your small tanks to display your fish.

We have no plans to house any of your fish in our store tanks for this event. 

More to come as we discuss things out!

(First event feedback and ideas)

1. Table fees are suitable but can be improved by lowering cost of tables and asking for a percentage of sales when the vendor wraps up.

2. Offering small tanks with water to display vendor fish in at an additional fee. Vendor would supply their own filter or air pump.

3. More advertising and a larger window to reserve tables.

4. Quicker response time with customers inside the store. 

5. Drinking water was provided at the event, but maybe some sort of food vendor for future events.

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